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Long Tai water purifier to teach you how to give customers their own glittering?

Author:bjlevi         Issue in:2011-08-29        Browsing number:5427


What is selling? Is to sell yourself? Or selling goods? Simply put, marketing is to speak, is to reduce the probability of rejection by customers.

 That in the end what way can we reduce the probability of rejection by customers? First we have to practice how to speak well (ie, how it allows customers to choose the shortest possible time to accept your past and accept your product.) According to the survey, the sales staff first met with the client, through the first three minutes of conversation, customers decide whether to accept you and your products. So we have to in a minute to convince customers to accept our products and our own.

Here, there is a formula called: FABE, it can help us in the shortest possible time to sell out our products to achieve the deal. F (feature) - features a unique selling point is the Long Tai product with similar products of different unique. Long Tai understand very clearly the product's unique selling point, in the face of a customer you will be more convincing, but also allow customers to buy your product that is a good choice. (PS: When selling to the customers about the product, they must not use the "best" category of adverbs) of course, to find the product other than the selling point: the environment, technology, teachers, after-sales service ... ... In fact, sales of a commodity, customers also concerned about something other than the product, so look for products other than the selling can not be ignored.

A (advantage) - Advantage means that we have to take pride in our products. Also responsible for their pride. Therefore, we must have enough product and their confidence. Some sales personnel to sell out when he was not really clear out goods to sell What are the advantages, what can bring customers the benefits of, first gave their own suggest that: I am selling out to sell, sell need to. This idea will directly affect the transaction, a good sales performance in addition to the well known product, but also have enough self-confidence of their own: we must line! (Example: a new marketing partnership with such a situation exists: not confident of their products, and they were found to communicate this is the emergence of Debu thorough understanding of their products, in other words is the basics are not sound. sales staff on behalf of the entire company's image, so that must have self-confidence, not only the product or on its own)

B (benefit) - the benefits, the benefits of how to allow customers to create the desire to buy our products? First, we must let them know the benefits of buying products, the benefits that create the feeling of pleasure and pain. From among the more painful. Why customers will not buy your product because the pain is not big enough, happy enough, so when talking to us and our customers to find what the key button that customers are most concerned about (ask to the crux of the source). And there is talk the customer through the prior knowledge of its business, the key things we can find the button, the button is necessary to find the key to ask the way: first a small number of questions to ask (in chat way to start), ask "is not a" problem (for example: your company is not there ... the problem? ... if the problem continues to occur, you feel your company is not be affected ?......) finally asked traded issues : Let's determine what this cooperation?

E (evidence) - witness the use of some specific examples to illustrate the value of your things, or have been traded with the intention of customers to customers to explain them to you here to get the kind of value (emphasis again for detailed information about our company, our clients?) using the formula and the sequence: B (good) E (witness) F (unique selling point) A (edge)

sales experience in the top ten:

1, using the formula review : B (good) E (witness) F (unique selling point) A (edge) PS: a detailed understanding of our strengths and unique selling points, competitive disadvantage. (Shown with the best of their competitors Jane, well aware of their own products) suggest that you learn more about the competitors in the ... (why the price of other companies a lot less than we?)

 2, let their emotions to reach peak condition. As a sales staff, in the see the customer, to adjust their emotions and state, your performance will affect your customers, but also directly affect your transaction. Sometimes, when customers buy goods, care about is the sales staff gave him the feeling. Adjust their status but also make you super level of play, you do some of the details can also cause the customer's attention. Details determine success or failure!

 3, through the object, the image of the establishment of trust. In the absence of a sense of trust before the establishment of not for sale. Not only to establish a good sense of trust in exchange for the customer refused before, so can some of the details to build and customers trust. And customers in conversation, to keep records of customers have said, such an approach can achieve the following results: first, the customer will feel that you respect him; second, to record some important information. (Recommended you have a nice notebook and pen) to draw customers, friends, celebrities witness, through word of mouth or the witness to establish full trust. Note that "listening", that is what he said the true meaning. (Really want to buy your products) are our new partners often take a lot of detours: the customer can not fully appreciate the true meaning, in fact, this is normal, one solution is this: to visit more customers, more communication, and other partners. There is certainly what he said, not to interrupt the customer's words. Mimic the customer's facial expressions, movements and the frequency of customer retention to speak. (This performance on customer care, easy to build trust)

4, to understand the customer's problems, needs and desires: 1) to understand customer needs through questioning of the way to get, but ask the question if the information on issues of customer information: company size, number of employees, cadres composition, where the company still needs to be upgraded to ...) when in communication with the customer information must be obtained (so that we communicate and do the program later) (company name, the number of training , environment); 2) Attitude - reasonable manner, we do not ask for sales to buy our things, but to give the customer something useful to them. But note that attitude should not be too strong, it will give customers the feeling disgusted. (3) Action: motivation, challenge themselves, human potential is very large, break they will return unexpected results.

5, shaping the product value - witness the method used, or the price to reflect the value of the product. (High-quality products is reflected in high prices, some people will say: your product and the price is really good compared to peers expensive, our answer is: It is expensive, you can only be guaranteed!)

 6, the competitor analysis. A good salesperson is to understand the situation of the peer (and our products than what advantage). Again to be clear advantages of our products.

7, the lifting of the customer's resistance point: dealing with resistance point of the three methods: A. the customer does not answer the question asked, the sales staff to ask some painful questions. B. Customer asked questions, sales staff only reason for a reason, but does not solve the problem. C. asked him. (In the form to ask questions to ask, ask the question is to ask painful questions) to resist the lifting point steps: A. determine the genuineness of the customer to speak. B. Lock resistance point that the key button to find things (to help customers find the problem )

8, turnover: 1) identify the transaction signals - PS: pay attention to the details of the customer to ask questions (some of the acts reflect the price or the likelihood of turnover). 2) the immediate transaction, immediately comes to turnover, then do not say not to mention the other has nothing to do with the transaction, or from the start of the initiative to ask the sales staff into the customer to ask questions, the sales staff to answer.

9, customer referrals (to confirm the benefits of) on this one, is built on the already successful cases, the customer referrals probability of success is much higher. So we should use this one witness rule.

10, the spirit of customer service done a lot of sales staff in the business, indifferent to his clients, and so it is difficult to value and subsequent formation of the road.