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Restrain the water purifier market What are the main factors?

Author:bjlevi         Issue in:2011-09-05        Browsing number:9609


1 water purifier national standard is imperfect, pure water, mineral water dispute.

Currently, the water purifier in addition to urban construction standard industry standard "CJ 3023-93 carbon water purifier", "CJ 3026-94 integrated water purifier drinking water standards," but almost no other test metrics. Due to lack of standard guidance, resulting in consumer confusion.

2 product positioning has limitations.

At present, most manufacturers will locate water purifier for the health and beauty promotion. Beauty is not always the popular impression, we should locate the water purifier in the kitchen appliances category, the products and kitchen appliances such as rice cooker, electric kettle and other information together so that consumers will net virtually water heaters and electric cookers as the same products, thereby enhancing the penetration

3. the lack of consumer awareness of water purifier.

Through consultation and consumer shopping survey found that most consumers know nothing of the water purifier, water purifier water purification function of the doubt, wait and see attitude. This is restricting the development of water purification industry, a key factor.

4. products of varying quality, sales management is not standardized

As a person closely related to the provision of drinking water products, water purifier health requirements can not be ignored. There are many brand-name water purification products, from the exterior to the structure can not meet minimum health requirements, and even have some activated carbon water purifier Move toner fall, and some shell and inner water Nianman dust. As a product sale terminals - Shopping for the management of water purification products are not standardized, and some shopping malls like grocery store counter water purification products, and even some shopping without water purifier products counter.

5. Sufficiently grasp the core technology of water purification, filter manufacturing lack of uniform standards, a water purifier filter replacement bottleneck in the development.

The majority of domestic manufacturers can manufacture activated carbon filter, while the hollow fiber reverse osmosis membranes, ceramic filters and other advanced technology to master clean enough to rely on imports while the manufacture of the filter is also lack of uniform standards, once the purchase of a brands of water purifiers, subsequent filter replacement can only be purchased with a manufacturer's product, consumers lose the power of free choice. Some consumers worry that manufacturers do not produce, the loss of expensive water purifier would be useful; or may be in the filter manufacturers on the price of any mercy.

6 market lacks a strong brand support, and lack of appropriate monitoring mechanisms.

Water purifier is an emerging industry, well-known brands such as Haier, etc do not get involved in the manufacture of water purifiers, people familiar with foreign brands such as Panasonic, etc. do not enter the Chinese market. Water purifier market is in the Warring States Period, all brand products say they are well-known brand or the use of advanced technology, manufacturing, and the market have no appropriate monitoring mechanisms, manufacturers increased the consumption of false propaganda by skepticism.

 7 other similar products such as bottled, bottled water, drinking fountains, water purifier competition is constraining the development of a non-negligible factor.